sunrise walk

Thank you for purchasing your Sunrise Mindful Walk Ticket

This early morning sunrise walk offers so many mood-boosting benefits. We look forward to seeing you. ❤️


Check Your Email for Further Instructions

We will send you some instructions via email so you can feel prepared for your sunrise mindful walk. We will also add you to a What’s app Chat group, to help you feel connected and confident about where to go and what to do. We want you to relax and enjoy the experience. It will be one for the memory books.❤️

What time of day does the walk start?

At sunrise! We meet for the start of the gorgeous early dawn. Plan to meet at dawn. You can check sunrise times here.

What is a mindful walk?

On the way back to the hut, I will guide you through a mindfulness practice. We will take in the sounds, smells, sights, sensations under our feet and the air on our bodies. The mindfulness practice will bring you to the present moment, enabling you to let go of your worries and stresses.

How long is the walk?

It’s not about how far we go. Depending on who takes part on the day, we can vary the walk to suit you. Typically it is a 1.0 mile walk towards the Naze tower and another 1.0 miles walk back. We can make it shorter, it is never longer as we must get back for breakfast.

Who are the mindful walks suited to?

The walks are suited to anyone who is able to walk. It’s about taking in the moment, not being an experienced walker.

What happens after mindful walk?

After our walk, we will retreat to The Red Beach Hut, a cosy base to come back to, ready with hot drinks, delicious breakfast to refuel our bodies after the walk. Relax and enjoy a wonderful view of the sunrise. ❤️

Our other mindful events

Crochet Yourself CalmFirst Friday of Every Month

Crochet yourself calm and join us at the Red Beach Hut for some mindful time crocheting on the beach in the fresh air.

Sunrise Swim third Friday of Every Month

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunrise from the sea. Join the Red Beach Hut for an invigorating morning swim.

Mindful WalksSecond Friday of every month

Join us on a mindful walk to boost your mood, talking in the fresh sea air along the beautiful coastline at Walton On-the-Naze. 

Mindfulness events are run in collaboration with Blossome.

Full Moon Cacao & DipMonthly Full Moon

Delve deeper into yourself under the full moon with the power of a cacao ceremony. It’s such an amazing experience!

Blossome helps those who have endured losing a loved one to alcoholism or addiction go from feeling alone, exhausted and guilty to supported, energised and joyful by taking part in activities that ingnite joy in their soul, with the Pathway to Peace healing journey.

When you stay at The Red Beach Hut, there’s a whole world around Walton to explore