Mindful walking

Mindful Walking to Boost your Mood

Take a break and boost your mood walking and talking in the fresh sea air along the beautiful coastline at Walton On-the-Naze.❤️


Boost Your Mood at our Mindful Walking Events

One Event Every Month
10 am – 1 pm

Join us at the Red Beach Hut for some mindful walking. Take a break and boost your mood in the company of others, talking in the fresh sea air along the beautiful coastline at Walton On-the-Naze. Research shows that walking in nature offers stress-busting and mood-boosting advantages, plus a welcome chance to stretch our legs.

Learn the art of mindful walking, connect with others, your inner self and discover your ability to feel joy at any moment. Allow yourself to experience something that is pure fun, taking in nature and the movement of your body along the beautiful Essex coast.

We can get so caught up in the busyness of our lives or caught up in the blows that life has dealt us that we forget to allow ourselves to have fun. These walks will help you to take time for yourself. Be engaged in the nature around you and feel pure fun and joy, because you have allowed yourself to experience it. No matter what is happening in your life, use this time to connect with others and to connect with your inner self.

You may be pleasantly surprised about what you find inside, and your ability to feel happy at any moment. And you just might make some new friends. ❤️

Why mindful walking?

The benefits of mindful walking are well documented. You can read more here in this article on mindfulness. Take part and learn more about the practice so you can do more mindful walking when you are on your own. Learn to build mindful walking into your daily practices.

When do the mindful walks take place?

The walks take place once a month, usually (not always) on either a Friday or a Monday. These are ticketed events and you can book your ticket on this page.

What time of day do the walks start?

Meet at the hut for 10 am. We will set off by 10.15. The length of the walk will vary, but you are always welcome to relax at the hut until 1 pm.

How long are the mindful walks?

We will walk along the Naze, taking about 1 hour there and back to the hut. If the groups want to go for a shorter or longer walk, we can decide that on the day. A mindful walk can be as short as 10 minutes. But plan to walk for an hour, so wear comfortable walking shoes.

Who are the mindful walks suited to?

The walks are suited to everyone. It’s about taking in the moment, not racing to finish. The pace of the group will be determined by those who are there on the day.

What happens after mindful walking?

After our walk, we will retreat to The Red Beach Hut, a cosy base to come back to, ready with hot drinks and a wonderful view. ❤️

Mindfulness events are run in collaboration with Blossome.

Blossome is a supportive community dedicated to transforming lives through talk, immersive experiences, creative expression and motion, helping exhausted people move forward in their lives after losing a loved one to alcohol dependency or addiction. 

Blossome offerings and curriculum strive to help people connect with and love their true self. This is achieved through finding hope and connection in a supportive community with an abundance of programmes and immersive experiences that will help them use their voice, build strength, let go of beliefs that hold them back and learn new rituals that will enable them to find their way back to themselves and to a life filled with joy.

Our other mindful events

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When you stay at The Red Beach Hut, there’s a whole world around Walton to explore