Full Moon cacao ceremony

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sea Dip

Delve deeper into yourself, under the full moon with the power of a cacao ceremony. Become more open and present and start to understand what may be blocking your growth and let go.   ❤️


Let Go with the Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Sea Dip

Full Moon
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Delve deeper into yourself, under the full moon with the power of a cacao ceremony. Become more open and present and start to understand what may be blocking your growth and let go.  Cacao ceremonies give you clarity and allow you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are. We have partnered with Laura & Stephanie from Gaia’s Gift to bring you this wonderful evening, guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget, and you’ll most likely want to come again every month. 

We invite you to join us at the beach hut for an intimate evening of Ceremony, under the power of the full moon, using sacred cacao, breath-work, mediation, and a cold-water sea dip. You will be gifted a grounding healing crystal to assist you in locking into the energies of Gaia, our Mother Earth. 

We’ll then open our Ceremony with a ceremonial dose of Gaia’s Gift Cacao leading into some breath-work then guiding you through a full moon release and let go mediation with the soft sounds of the healing Shamanic Reiki Drum. You’ll release and let go of all that does not serve you with a burning ritual on the beach followed by a cleansing full sea dip under the Full Moon. 

What time of day does the ceremony start?

Most of the events we ask for you to meet us at the hut at 6:30 pm for a 7 pm start.

What You’ll need to bring

  • a bottle of water, 
  • journal & pen, 
  • and a towel
  • we recommend a open water flotation device if you have one

What to Wear 

Come however you are most comfortable and in something that will keep you warm. The sea dip will be brief and can be done in swimwear, however, please come in a wetsuit and swim hat if you so wish. We also recommend a dry robe or dressing gown to cover you up when you come out of the water, to keep warm. We also recommend thermal water socks, thermal water gloves, and woolly hat to keep your head warm.

Please be advised that sea dipping is at your own risk, we will provide you with health & safety guidelines on the night.

Keep well hydrated on the day of the ceremony.❤️

What is ceremonial cacao?

Cacao is chocolate in its purest form. It is 100% cacao and has been used for centuries for its medicinal and spiritual powers. 

Avoid caffeine for maximum benefit

If you can, please avoid caffeine and cow dairy on the day of the ceremony as it does inhibit the full effect of the cacao. (Having an early morning cuppa will be fine!). It’s best to not eat the two hours leading up to the ceremony.

Who is this not suited to?

Please be aware that antidepressants are a contraindication when working with Cacao. You should not consume ceremonial cacao if you have a heart condition. If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor/ health practitioner before ingesting cacao. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or sensitive to caffeine and stimulants please let me know in advance. If any of the above apply, you are still very welcome to join and receive an alternative drink for the ceremony.

Full moon events are run in collaboration with Gaia’s Gift Ceremonial Cacao

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