Mindful Events

No matter what is happening in your life, use our mindful events to connect with others and to connect with your inner self. Take a break and boost your mood in the company of others, take in the fresh sea air and make time for you ❤️

Mindful CrochetCROCHET yourself calm

Crochet yourself calm and join us at the Red Beach Hut for some mindful time crocheting on the beach in the fresh air.

Sunrise SwimsRecharge with sunrise SWIMs

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunrise from the sea. Join the Red Beach Hut for an invigorating morning swim.

Mindful WalksBoost your mood

Join our mindful walking events and take a break from life, walking in the fresh sea air along the beautiful coastline at Walton.

Mindfulness events are run in collaboration with Blossome.

Blossome is a supportive community dedicated to transforming lives through talk, immersive experiences, creative expression and motion, helping exhausted people move forward in their lives after losing a loved one to alcohol dependency or addiction. 

Blossome offerings and curriculum strive to help people connect with and love their true self. This is achieved through finding hope and connection in a supportive community with an abundance of programmes and immersive experiences that will help them use their voice, build strength, let go of beliefs that hold them back and learn new rituals that will enable them to find their way back to themselves and to a life filled with joy.