Wooohooo! You are going on a boat trip to see the seals!

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Yes! This is going to be a fantastic member-only event. One of my most enjoyable days at the beach hut was a day when I took a boat trip to see the seals. It was so relaxing and enjoyable and that’s why I want to share it with you. ❤️

What time will the boat trip take place?

The boat will depart Titchmarsh Marina at 1.30 pm. Please arrive for 1.00 pm no after than 1.25 as we will depart promptly at 1.30 pm.

How long is the boat trip?

We will enjoy a trip out to the backwaters, which lasts 2 hours. There will be a lovely afternoon tea onboard for you to enjoy.

How Many can come on the boat?

The boat has a capacity of 12 people. This is why there is a limited number of tickets. If thee is demand for more, I can look to organise another trip, but I do have to fill the boat.

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