Tips to keep your dog happy at the beach

It takes a bit of thought to keep your dog happy at the beach. Just like we need some sunscreen and extra water to stay hydrated, our K9 friends have needs too. Dogs and well-behaved owners are welcome in our huts, and we are on the dog-friendly side of the pier. Here are some tips to keep your dog happy at the beach:

  1. Bring a lead and/or a long leash. If you are happy letting your dog off the lead, keep them
    under close control – (Marley and Me comes to mind here) and keep an eye out for any beach debris that dogs can sniff out a mile
    away! When it is busy, we always keep our dogs on long leashes.
  2. Bring a brush – and brush your dog’s coat before you go on the beach. This will make it
    much easier to keep clean and prevent the build-up of sand.
  3. Don’t forget poop bags – but if you do forget, we have some in the hut that you are
    welcome to use.
  4. Bring plenty of towels – also great for tired dogs to snooze on while you relax
  5. Beware of hot sand – if it is too hot for you to walk on, then it is too hot for your dog. The
    same goes for the tarmac of the promenade.
  6. Use the hut for shade when it gets too hot – that’s why we love having a hut when we are at
    the beach with our own dogs
  7. Consider canine sunscreen – some dogs are more prone to sunburn than others so we
    provide this at the hut for you to try.
  8. Get a dog first aid kit. We have a dog first aid kit in the hut which we hope you won’t have to use – if you do need it, please let us know what items you have used so we can replace them for the next pups
  9. Provide plenty of water to drink and watch out for them drinking sea water. We have
    provided a water bowl in the hut for you.
  10. Rinse your dog with cool water before you go home – this will stop them from licking too much
    salt off their coat and make it much easier to groom later. Please feel free to use the
    conditioning spray in the hut but don’t forget to leave it for the next doggy resident!

Dragon Hut caters to our K9 friends, and you’ll find a basket of dog goodies waiting for you – treats, poo bags, canine sunscreen, conditioning spray, and a water bowl, as well as a dog first aid kit for emergencies. We really do think of everything so all members of the family can have the perfect day at the seaside.❤️

You can view photos of Dragon Hut and book a day.

6 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe at the Beach

Planning the perfect day at the beach for the whole family can feel exhausting, and when you get there all you want to do is relax and switch off. But there are some important things you need to remember to keep your children safe at the beach this summer. Remember that the sea can be unpredictable, be prepared by following these 6 tips.

  1. First things first it is important to stay calm if anything does happen. On a busy summer day, kids do tend to get lost in the crowd very easily. You need to remember that it’s not your fault and they won’t have gone far. The most important thing you can do is remain calm in a difficult situation.
  1. Make sure your kids know where they are. When you and your family arrive at the beach make sure to identify your surroundings, are there any noticeable landmarks that you can set up near? Tell your child to keep an eye out for these landmarks so that if the worst happens and your child wanders off, they will be more likely to find their way back. The Red Beach Hut is the perfect landmark as your kids can always remember to head to the only red hut! 
  1. Get a wristband or write your details on their hand. If your child is an explorer it can be hard to keep track of them while they go on an ‘adventure’. This is why we have created Red Beach Hut child wristbands. Red Beach Hut Child Wristband You can buy them now in our shop and have them ready at the hut for you when you get there. With the hut number on the wristband, if your child is lost and needs help, others can help to guide them back to the right place to find you. Otherwise you could write your details on their hand, just remember that if they spend the day in the sea and sand then this may rub off after time. 
  1. Avoid inflatables. Inflatables may seem like a great idea but perhaps are best saved for the swimming pool rather than the beach. They can easily float out to sea, even if there is only a slight wind. We know that the kids might not like this idea but safety should always come before fun.
  2. Take a seaside snap! Not just for the memories, taking a snap of the family at the beach when you arrive is a great idea so that in case your child goes missing you know exactly what they are wearing that day which can be very helpful in a search.
  1. Find or call the lifeguard. If your child does go missing, find or call the coastguard right away. To reach the coastguard call 999 and ask for the coastguard.

It is very unlikely to lose your child.  But if you remember these tips then know you are prepared and your family can have a relaxing day at the beach. We want to make sure every day at the beach is a great day at the beach. For more information on have a read of how the RNLI keeps beaches safe and learn more about the Walton and Frinton Lifeboat station located in Walton.

Photo: Supplied by Red Hutter

Beach hut hire in Walton-On-the-Naze

Looking for the perfect beach hut to hire in Walton-On-the-Naze? Wanting to find the beach hut of your dreams? It can be difficult to find beach huts to hire as they are so in demand, and unfortunately, as much as I would like to, I cannot welcome everyone to the Red Beach Hut as there just aren’t enough days to go around!

After the loooong covid restrictions that we all endured,  I know so many of us are in desperate need for that escape, to make time for ourselves and enjoy our summer! The beach is the perfect place to do just that, and with the uncertainty of travelling abroad I am already getting floods of messages from people wanting to book the perfect staycation day. 

Beach hut Hire at Walton-on-the-Naze

Seeing as there is only just one Red Beach Hut, and so many of you want to book a hut at Walton-On-the-Naze, I thought it would be useful to let you have a full list of beach huts available to hire at Walton and across the coast.

First things first, why is it so difficult to find a beach hut to hire in the first place?

Many find it hard to find beach huts to hire as their marketing doesn’t get out to enough people, they often don’t have their own website and so this can make finding and booking the perfect hut a nightmare. I own a marketing agency, so I have put my marketing skills to good use with my beach hut, creating an easy booking experience for my Red Hutters! 

The main aim of the Red Beach Hut is to help as many people to live life full of joy and to create a community that call the Red Beach Hut home away from home! This is why we have a growing Facebook community and I am constantly thinking of new events where we can meet up at the hut and get to know one another. Take a look at our Mindful events

Beach Huts to Hire

There are so many stunning beach huts to hire in the area, and as soon as you are by the sea, whether at Mersea, Frinton or Walton-on-the-Naze you will be taken aback by the rainbow of huts lining the beaches. I always find myself admiring the huts at Walton from afar…it’s hard not to! Here are some of my favourite beach huts you can hire across the east coast and why!


There is so much to do at Walton and the long sandy beach makes it ideal for families. Whether you decide to hire a hut in Southcliff or Eastcliff you will not be disappointed  by the wide range of things Walton has to offer. Here are some of the best beach huts to hire in Walton-on-the-naze

The Red Beach Hut (Obviously top of the list!)

Daisy Chain

Roisin’s Happy Beach Hut 

Flip Flop Inn


Frinton is just a stroll away from Walton-on-the-naze and offers a beautiful quaint town to explore. The only issue with Frinton is that it can be hard to find ice-cream and other amenities nearby the hut (depending on the hut location). Frinton is ideal if you want a quiet, undisturbed day at the beach and don’t mind walking to get some ice cream. Here are some lovely huts to hire in Frinton. 

Cool Coastal Huts – Frinton 343

Polly’s Beach Hut

Elaine’s Hut 


If you are Colchester based like me, Mersea Island is a good option if you don’t want to travel too far. Mersea has lots of on-the-beach huts to hire, and lots of infamous delicacies you can try (the wonderful shellfish and oysters from the Company Shed is a must). Mersea is a great option, just be careful about finding parking in the busy season and please don’t get stuck on the strood like so many others (check the tide time). 

Cool Coastal Huts 

The Little Beach Hut Company

Sandy Toes Beach Hut

Lovely Surprise Beach Hut

Mersea Mogo Hut

Hopefully, this list will help you to find your perfect beach hut hire (for when we are fully booked of course)! We are currently taking bookings so  take a look at our availability and book your perfect staycation now!

12 Reasons to Hire a Beach Hut For The Day

There are lots of reasons to hire a beach hut for the day, from getting cosy with a cup of tea to having a secure base to keep your things while you explore. The beach is the perfect place for a family day out, and while beach huts aren’t for everyone, they offer so many benefits that help to create the best staycation!

12 Reasons to hire a beach hut for the day

  1. A beach hut gives you a base for the day. Friends can find your hut easily and there’s no worry of leaving your belongings on the open beach while you take a dip. The beach hut is the perfect base to call home for the day as you explore the area.
  1. A beach hut provides shelter from the weather. It’s easy to wish for sun, sun, sun but sometimes it can be too much and you need to get out of the heat for a while. The hut is the ideal place to keep out of the midday sun and stay cool in the shade. On the other hand, if the weather turns a little colder, you can cosy up indoors and still enjoy your day at the beach.
  1. Anxiety and worry melts away at a beach hut. We have all had a stressful year to say the least and as a parent I see how anxious it makes our kids. Why not hire the beach hut after school and help them reduce their (and your) anxiety, even just for an afternoon. Breathing in the fresh sea air does wonders!
  2. Watch the sunrise from a beach hut. It might be difficult to envision yourself out of bed that early but i promise you it will be worth it. A beach hut is the perfect place to watch the sunrise while you enjoy a delicious, well earned breakfast. You can hire the Red Beach Hut for a sunrise session and enjoy your morning with us.
  1. No lugging chairs and umbrellas to the beach. Sometimes it can look like you are a bit of a pack horse, juggling bags, chairs and kids as you struggle to find an empty spot on the beach. No more! The hut is fully equipped with everything you might need.
  2. The ideal base to eat your fish and chip dinner and watch the sunset. You can hire the hut for the evening and have the hut until the end of the day. It makes the perfect place to sit and eat your scrumptious fish and chips while admiring the view. You can even eat your fish and chips at the table, on a real plate with a knife and fork. Gone are the days of balancing a paper bag on your knees, does it get better than that?
  1. A beach hut provides privacy. You’ve basically got your own private changing room where you can slip into your swimwear for a splash in the sea. No more coming to the beach in your swimwear and awkwardly trying to change under a towel! Whether you hire for the day or want an early morning sunrise swim, the beach hut is the ideal base to go swimming!
  2. The perfect date night. The beach hut is the ideal place to have a romantic date. Set up with twinkling lights and candles, there is nothing more romantic than taking a moment to enjoy each other’s company in the peace and quiet of the beach. You can hire the Red Beach Hut for the evening and book time for you!
  1. Make time for you at the beach hut. The beach hut is the ideal place to sit back, relax, and take time for yourself by the seaside. Take a book and sit and listen to the waves, you definitely deserve to take time for yourself.
  1. Get a holiday in a day! A day at the beach hut is the perfect way to have a holiday in just a day! Especially in a year where we still don’t know whether we will get abroad, the beach hut is the perfect place to get away without actually getting away!
  2. Enjoy the evening. You can stay at the beach later than you might usually. Snuggle up in the hut in the evening with a hot chocolate and enjoy the sunset. You could even bring your pyjamas and get ready for bed before you carry the tired kids to the car.
  3. Finally, you’ve got the best view ever! Not that there is any explanation needed for a wonderful view, but this is the best place to find inspiration and take time for restorative rest. All you have to do is sit by the hut window and take in the view. 

Well there are my 12 reasons to hire a beach hut for the day…have I convinced you? You can book a day at the Red Beach Hut here. 

Kim x