Tips to keep your dog happy at the beach

dog happy at the beach

It takes a bit of thought to keep your dog happy at the beach. Just like we need some sunscreen and extra water to stay hydrated, our K9 friends have needs too. Dogs and well-behaved owners are welcome in our huts, and we are on the dog-friendly side of the pier. Here are some tips to keep your dog happy at the beach:

  1. Bring a lead and/or a long leash. If you are happy letting your dog off the lead, keep them
    under close control – (Marley and Me comes to mind here) and keep an eye out for any beach debris that dogs can sniff out a mile
    away! When it is busy, we always keep our dogs on long leashes.
  2. Bring a brush – and brush your dog’s coat before you go on the beach. This will make it
    much easier to keep clean and prevent the build-up of sand.
  3. Don’t forget poop bags – but if you do forget, we have some in the hut that you are
    welcome to use.
  4. Bring plenty of towels – also great for tired dogs to snooze on while you relax
  5. Beware of hot sand – if it is too hot for you to walk on, then it is too hot for your dog. The
    same goes for the tarmac of the promenade.
  6. Use the hut for shade when it gets too hot – that’s why we love having a hut when we are at
    the beach with our own dogs
  7. Consider canine sunscreen – some dogs are more prone to sunburn than others so we
    provide this at the hut for you to try.
  8. Get a dog first aid kit. We have a dog first aid kit in the hut which we hope you won’t have to use – if you do need it, please let us know what items you have used so we can replace them for the next pups
  9. Provide plenty of water to drink and watch out for them drinking sea water. We have
    provided a water bowl in the hut for you.
  10. Rinse your dog with cool water before you go home – this will stop them from licking too much
    salt off their coat and make it much easier to groom later. Please feel free to use the
    conditioning spray in the hut but don’t forget to leave it for the next doggy resident!

Dragon Hut caters to our K9 friends, and you’ll find a basket of dog goodies waiting for you – treats, poo bags, canine sunscreen, conditioning spray, and a water bowl, as well as a dog first aid kit for emergencies. We really do think of everything so all members of the family can have the perfect day at the seaside.❤️

You can view photos of Dragon Hut and book a day.

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