Beach Hut Hire Update

If you have heard the rumours that Tendring District Council is not allowing beach hut rentals – this post serves to explain how we are responding to this. 

Please continue reading. ❤️

For many decades the Council has always allowed rentals. The communication to hut owners on this change of stance was without prior discussion, without notice and with unaltered license conditions to previous years.

As the conditions of this year’s license remain unaltered, we are continuing to accept bookings. 

There are no changes to bookings that have already been made. Your bookings are fine. ❤️

Please be reassured that if at any point we are forced to stop hiring, you will be issued a full refund.

The Council is preparing a new beach hut strategy. This new strategy will reveal new guidance around rentals. As a member of the Beach Hut Rental committee, we are pleased to be working with the council on this.

We are confident the Council recognises the value of beach hut hires to the local and wider community and we are hopeful this will be resolved so everyone can continue to enjoy beach hut life this summer and in future summers.

Please bear with us whilst we await clarification. And most importantly enjoy your time at the hut. 

Dates are available for booking. ❤️

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