Why I love a cold water swim despite hating getting wet or cold

Have you ever felt like your head was so fuzzy, so full of brain fog that you couldn’t focus, couldn’t make decisions? You started to worry… worrying about your memory loss, headaches, eyesight – worrying so much that it started to impact your sleep and then your energy level? 

Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to think clearly. We get brain fog. 

This was me for YEARS. 

Then a friend coaxed me into a cold water swim at the seaside at sunrise.  I love a sunrise, I just never thought I’d see it while in the water in the North Sea, in December!

But I went. 

We met at the hut, changing inside, getting bundled up into a towel and heading down to the sea.  When the cold hit my feet… woa, but I don’t want to chicken out. I had come so far, and I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t do it. So I kept going…. 

Soon, I couldn’t feel my feet. It was cold. So cold… 

Laura continued to encourage me in. 

Goodness knows what expression was on on my face. 

I kept going. 

Splashing water on my legs on my chest on my arms, acclimating myself bit by bit as I stepped forward, the water rising up my legs.  Ohhh , 

it hit my crotch, then my belly 

Ho ho ho ho ho

My breathing intensifies and deepens

Oh my god. 

The cold water was high enough for me to immerse my body and get my feet off the ground… 

This is it. 





swoosh … the water hits my face and i close my eyes. 

I’m swimming. 

I turn onto my back, getting the full sun on my face. 


Holy **c* 

I’m in the water in December. It’s cold

But that’s not what I notice. 

I notice feeling alive.

I’ve got the biggest grin on my face


I’m awake! I’m alive. 

There’s no brain fog! 

I floated around for a few minutes. I think about 4. Then I was ready to get out. 

Walking out of the water

You start to feel the fire  on your skin. 

Then you wrap up

And made my way up to the hut, my lovely little red happy place, all cosy warm, with the oven on ready to bake some pastries. 

We change our clothes then relax with a cuppa. 

“You are nuts!”

That’s the most common thing I hear when people hear my story or see my photos of my early morning swims in the sea. 

I always say, I hate getting wet and getting cold, 

But I do it because of how it makes me feel. The pleasure i get from feeling ALIVE far outweighs the momentary discomfort from getting cold

Ask anyone who does open water swimming. They’ll have a similar story. No more brain fog. 

The benefits of cold water swimming are well researched and documented. 

In increases alertness British Journal of Sports Medicine

Strengthens the immune system  PLoS One

Boosts your mood Medical Hypotheses

Quicker cooling after sports Journal of Athletic Training

Improves physical recovery Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

Reduces pain  North American Journal of Medical Sciences

Join me for a cold water swim. You might just come alive, more alive that you ever thought you could  feel 

Sunrise Swim filled by breakfast in the hut.

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