Beach Huts for sale in Walton-On-the-Naze

beach huts for sale

We’ve seen a tremendous surge in beach huts for sale in Walton-On-the-Naze and across the country in general. The increase in staycations, caused by the pandemic and uncertainty around summer holiday plans fuelling the rise in demand.

Recent News Articles:

As a result of this rise in demand, beach huts are in the news!

Market Watch has called beach huts the hottest commodity on the British real-estate market.

BBC Essex covered the story Walton-on-the-Naze: ‘People are almost panic buying beach huts’

The time covered the story Staycations fuel bidding war in beach hut boom.

Property Reporter tells the story of Staycations see beach hut prices surge by 41%.

Country living reports Beach huts sell for £325k in Dorset as demand soars ahead of summer staycations.

Metro reports Beach hut with cheery red interiors goes on sale for £70,000. It’s interior is no where near as nice as our little red happy place!

Beach Hut Desirability

Beach huts have always been desirable, and those who have them, often don’t let them go. I’ve started to get to know my neighbours and I’m loving the stories I’m hearing. So much so that I plan to write a book! The reasons for spending tie at the hut vary from person to person, but the sound of the sea tends to be something that we all love.

The list of stories about beach huts for sale is endless, but one thing is certain, I’m not selling my Red Beach Hut no matter what you offer me. The positive impact it’s had on my wellbeing, my mental health, and my recovery from losing my husband to alcoholism…. well you just can’t put a price on it.

Unfortunately, these high prices have made buying a beach hut even more out of reach for many families. That’s why I will continue to open my doors and share my happy place with you with my beach hut hire options. Make it your home away from home too. Everyone deserves the chance to create memories by the seaside. ❤️

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