How to Plan the Perfect Day at a Beach Hut

plan the perfect day at the beach

Planning is always key…even when going to the beach. There are lots of things that you need to think about so that you can have the perfect day! Here is a useful guide on how to plan the perfect day at a beach hut.

What to pack for the perfect day at a beach hut?

First things first it is important to know what to pack so that you are prepared for the perfect day. While the hut provides much of what you will need for the day, there are some things you may want to bring from home. 

  1. Food and drink
    Whether you are planning to bring all of your own food and have a special picnic or treat yourself and eat out for the day, bringing your own snacks and drinks is always a good idea (especially if you have kids who are always hungry). Staying hydrated is also really important, particularly if you and your family are running around the beach all day. We have water at the hut, so no need to pack bottled water, but you may want to bring some squash for the kids to make sure you are all drinking enough!
  2. A cool bag
    This is kind of in line with the food and drink but it is useful to pack things into a cool bag. Why not fill some plastic bottles with water and freeze them, they make the perfect ice blocks to keep everything cold and over the day as they melt become nice cool drinking water.
  1. Blankets
    Although many huts have throws and blankets available normally, many (the Red Beach Hut included) have had to remove them due to the pandemic. This means you may want to bring your own home comforts, ready to get cozy if it gets colder and as the evening draws in. Bundle up in the hut with blankets and a hot chocolate, what’s better than that!
  2. Beach Towels
    It’s important to remember to bring some warm, soft beach towels to help dry you down post a dip in the sea. Whether you use them as blankets on the beach or to wrap up in as it gets colder, beach towels are definitely an essential.
  3. Talc powder
    Talc powder is a great way to get rid of the sand on you. Just dust yourself with talc and the sand will come off as you rub it all away…so simple, so effective. No more sand-covered cars!
  4. Change of clothes
    You never really know what the weather will be like, so it is always a good idea to pack an extra change of warmer clothes. That way you can also change out of your day clothes into some warm cosy clothes in the evening.
  5. Activities
    A good beach hut is fully stocked with lots of games and things to use at the beach, but you may want to bring some things from home to keep the whole family entertained.
  1. Pegs to hold towels down in the sand
    One of our amazing Red Hutters gave us this genius idea to bring tent pegs with you to pin down your towel in the sand…no more worrying about your towel flying away in the wind!

Obviously, there are some more essentials that are a little more obvious, suncream, hats, sunglasses, and of course your beverages of choice, but hopefully, this list has given you a better idea of what to bring with you for the perfect day at the beach hut. 

Travelling to the beach hut

Planning the perfect day at the beach hut starts with planning how you are going to get there. Plot your journey taking peak traffic times into account. Avoid the traffic and get there early. You may need to take coins for parking too. The Red Beach Hut is in the perfect position so that you can easily travel by car or by train. 

There are large car parks dotted around Walton-on-the-Naze and the best one for access to the beach hut is the Church Road car park which is right near the station and pier. 

Food and Drink

It wouldn’t be the perfect day at the beach if you didn’t indulge in the seaside treats. From fish and chips, to ice cream, to fresh doughnuts, the beach has so many delicious delicacies for you to try. Do some research for amenities at the beach you are headed to.

Walton has lots of places to get great fish and chips, you are never far from the intoxicating smell of the salt and vinegar. Why not read Tripadvisors edit of the best fish and chips in Walton to find the best place for you.

Things to do in Walton-on-the-Naze

There are endless things to do in Walton and I couldn’t possibly add them all in this blog. Obviously the main things to do is to spend time at the beach, soaking in the sunshine and splashing in the sea, but if you want to go further afield and explore the town there are so many activities for you and your family to get stuck into. I have listed just a few here for you to think about.

Tide Times 

You won’t get very far if you don’t check the tide times and plan your day around that. You can check the tide times here and make sure you don’t arrive and have no time on the beach (the sea rises all the way up the beach so please be careful to leave the beach when the tide comes in).

I hope that this blog post has helped you to plan the perfect day at the beach hut, but of course the perfect day at the hut starts with actually booking the beach hut and you can now book for this summer. I cannot wait to see you join the Red Hutter community. When you do, we will send you our Guide to Planning the Perfect Day at the Beach.

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