The Red Beach Hut is a Tourist Attraction in Essex

I had my first experience of people debating the Red Beach Hut as a tourist attraction in Essex. ❤️

It made me smile. I’m so grateful for my little Red happy place on the Essex coast. 

A friend from my running group sent me a screenshot of a chat in a Facebook group. The question was posed if The Red Beach Hut was a tourist attraction. The person who created the post said in all his 30 years of living in Walton-On-the-Naze….

Our little red happy place was the topic of conversation and I wasn’t the one that started it! I was so chuffed. 
Our Google Business page has the hut categorised as a Tourist Attraction. I choose that category because it seemed the best suited to me. After all, Canadians have come to see The Red Beach Hut and that makes it a tourist attraction in my books.

What else could it be? 

Accommodation? Not really because you can’t sleep in it.
A leisure facility? Not really unless lifting a cuppa or a drink counts as exercise. 

Ask any Canadian, it’s a tourist attraction for sure, after all, there are no beach huts in Canada so Canadians want to see what all the fuss is about and they do travel a long way to see it.

We also have this amazing window and we are determined to make it the most instagramable window.

After the 12th of April 2021, Make sure to take your photo in front of our window, or in the window when you hire the Red Beach Hut for the day. Use the hashtags #theredbeachhut #happyplace ❤️

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