All the glories of the beach in autumn

sea in autumn

The beach in autumn is the perfect escape for those who love tranquillity, mild temperatures and the water. It’s also a great place to unwind and switch off from the noise of life, just long enough to recharge. Your body, your mind and your soul with thank you for any time that you spend by the sea.

Here is my list of the reasons why the seaside is far more wonderful in the autumn than you may think.

The Calm and Peacefulness

evening on the beach

Stress and anxiety is something that many of us try to manage on a daily basis. Our lives have become so busy!
So many people suffer from stress, anxiety and depression and the sea can be the ideal way to combat it. If you feel your work or personal problems starting to overwhelm you, try an escape to the sea. The sound of the waves can cause a sensation of relaxation and tranquillity. It certainly works for me. Try it.

The Sea Breeze

The healthy sea breeze is another reason to also enjoy the beach in autumn. Did you know they say that the sea breeze increases serotonin levels? Yes, that substance which is being talked up so much by its power of influencing your spirit. It also influences the functioning of other aspects of your body.

Improve Your Concentration and Your Creativity

writing by the sea

My thinking always improves by the sea. This is why in September, we put a all writing desk in The Red Beach Hut. Sitting in a chair, looking out to the sea helps concentration and boosts awareness when you’re studying and reading books. Many great writers plan weekend escapes to places with a beach to find their muses and inspiration, since creativity is enhanced by the open space, nature and sounds we can feel near the sea.

Enjoy Nature

seals at Walton On the Naze

There’s just something about being outdoors and among nature that makes life feel so much better. There is so much to explore around Walton On The Naze. Yes, you can even see seals! The beauty of The Naze is amazing, or a simple walk along the beach to Frinton. You’ll thank me for it.

Become a better parent

I swear by this one. Self-care is so important. By taking time out for yourself, you’ll become a better parent. The seaside isn’t just for the kids. It’s for us too. Enjoy a date night with our evening beach hut hire, or a girls day away. Or start writing that book you’ve always thought about, or maybe cirl up to read a good book. The time is yours. All yours.

Enjoy. ❤️

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