Evening swims at Walton On-the-Naze

Sunsets & Swims evening beach hut hire

Evening swims at Walton On-the-Naze are a glorious experience. There’s something so special about an open water swim at night.

I remember swimming late at night at the lake in Canada, as a teenager. I started wondering, why did I only do these things in my youth? As I approach 50, I am thinking that taking an evening dip in the sea would be an unforgettable experience for swimmers of all ages. Definitely one for the bucket list! Why wait? Enjoy sunsets and swims at Walton On-the-Naze at The Red Beach Hut.

Warm Evening Swims at Walton On-the-Naze at The Red Beach Hut

The darkness of the night sky and the mesmerizing lapping of the water in the sea on a warm summer or autumn night, surely that must make you feel truly alive! I suspect that it is both relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Guaranteed to bring out a smile. I think that maybe it’s the peacefulness. I love the beach at night, with the daytime crowds gone. This combined with the hint of danger (or the risk of discovery, if you’re skinny-dipping) – totally irresistible. Plus you can watch the setting sun or the stars above and the lights twinkling on the shoreline.

Night swimming is amazing, but careful not to get caught up in the magic and forget to use common sense. Bring a friend or family members so you aren’t swimming alone. Don’t go beyond your depth. Be sensible. And check that there is enough light. We will offer Sunsets and Swims beach hut hire for any evening, but we will highlight nights with a full moon, making swimming around those dates particularly well lit and spectacular. There is a great article about night swimming in the open water on the Arena Swim website.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of swimming at night, book The Red Beach Hut. Have a wonderful place to keep your clothes dry, so no one can run off with them, leaving you in a pickle! Plus a lovely place to dry off and enjoy a hot drink afterwards. Night swimming is memorable — definitely something for the bucket list. Just don’t wait until you are 50 to experience it!

Thank you to Steve Peak for letting g me use his amazing video. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Evening swims at Walton On-the-Naze

    1. Hi Chrissie, welcome to Walton!
      We host 2 swims per month, all year round, which are sunrise dips, organised by Blossome. We enjoy a mindfulness practise, then dip, then enjoy breakfast in the beach hut. The dis are very suitable for anyone. You are very welcome to take part. If you don’t want to stay for breakfast, that’s ok, just dip with us so you are not alone. You can find all dates on the Blossome website.
      You can also check to see if the Bluetits have any swims organised. They typically dip from Frinton. Look for the Colcehster Bluetits Facebook Group.

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